Writing Frankly

Clear. Concise. Content.

White Papers

Thought leadership

We deliver well-researched white papers on a variety of topics for industries that include technology, cyber security, marketing, and more, breaking down complex topics into easily digestible copy. We've created white papers for Visual.ly, Calysto Communications, UpCurve Cloud, Kathrein and more.

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Our team delivers effective customer case studies that help to boost revenue and increase brand awareness. We've developed compelling case studies for Apple, UpCurve Cloud, ResponseTap, Prialto, Calysto Communications and more.

Video Scripts

Marketing in motion

Skilled writers develop highly engaging scripts for animated videos and motion graphics. Brands we've worked with include Deloitte, Cisco, ReadyTalk and many more.


Recurring custom content

Our team of experts creates daily, weekly and monthly newsletters that keep brands top of mind to their audiences. We've done this for companies that include Calysto, Mobiquity, and Strategic Ventures.

Our Work

We've created content for:

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