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Unlock the full potential of your content team with expert Asana integration and automation. I specialize in turning Asana into a content calendar your team will love - efficient, collaborative, and perfectly in sync with your content goals.

Asana Tailored for Your Content Needs

Asana Customization: I tailor Asana specifically to your team's workflow needs, turning it into the ultimate content operation tool customized for your unique challenges.Streamlined Content Calendar: Revolutionize your content planning and execution with a calendar system in Asana that’s both efficient and intuitive, keeping your team always ahead of the curve.Workflow Design: Designing seamless workflows from ideation to publication, I make your content process not just work but excel, ensuring every step is optimized for success.Content Operations Overhaul: from intake requests to content approval processes and funnel depth audits, I dive deep into your current content operations to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and boost your team’s productivity.

Expertise Meets Innovation

Hello, I'm Tamara, your guide to mastering AI-driven content operations using Asana. With over a decade in content marketing, I've worked with top-tier teams at Shopify, VMware, and Salesforce, turning content challenges into success stories.My journey led me to AI/Automation, where I discovered its unmatched potential to streamline content workflows. I'm passionate about sharing this technology with B2B SaaS companies looking to scale their content efforts efficiently.

"One of Tamara’s superpowers is creating efficiencies (automated workflows, self-serve processes, templates, editorial calendars, to name a few), so when you work with Tamara, she’s not only thinking about achieving a high quality bar, but also looking at how to scale programs and not waste time getting the work done."

Dani Ng-See-Quan, Director of Content Marketing (ex-Shopify)

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