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I help B2B tech companies put the processes and tools in place to create engaging and impactful content that drives results.
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About me
Hello, I'm Tamara, your guide to mastering process-enabled content strategy. With over a decade in content marketing, I've worked with top-tier teams at Shopify, VMware, and Salesforce, turning content challenges into success stories.
My journey led me to AI/Automation, where I discovered its unmatched potential to streamline content workflows. I'm passionate about sharing this technology with B2B SaaS companies looking to scale their content efforts efficiently.
How I Can Help Your Business
Process Audits
Comprehensive analysis of your existing content processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
Content Strategy
Development of a process-enabled content strategy aligned with your business goals.
Content at Scale
Putting the right people, processes and tools in place to empower your team to scale content production without increasing headcount.
My Proven Process
Gain deep insights into your business, target audience, processes, and content goals.
Develop a comprehensive process-enabled content strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.
Implement the strategy through documenting, templatizing and automating key processes across your content program.
What Clients Say
"One of Tamara’s superpowers is creating efficiencies (automated workflows, self-serve processes, templates, editorial calendars, to name a few), so when you work with Tamara, she’s not only thinking about achieving a high quality bar, but also looking at how to scale programs and not waste time getting the work done."
~Dani Ng-See-Quan, Director of Content Marketing

"Tamara is so helpful and knowledgeable! I came to her stuck with a complicated question related to dashboarding and visualization in Clickup. She talked me through what I wanted, helped me understand what we really needed to do, and then led me through a couple videos and question/answer how to do it. I'll unhesitatingly connect with Tamara when I need process, automations, and project management help.
~Lee Densmer, Content Strategist

"Tamara became an expert on the Airtable content management platform and trained internal users and partners on it…she was managing over 1,800 assets complete with refresh cycles and end dates, always making sure the content we use with partners was the freshest and most relevant."
~David Silverberg, Director of Partner Marketing

"Tamara is a seasoned content marketer who brings deep expertise, calm rationality and innovation to every project she touches. She helped the broader content team automate many of our workflows, and shared her expertise generously with other team members."
~Lauren Sudworth, Head of Brand & Content

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My Expertise


Content Strategy
I help B2B SaaS brands create content strategies and roadmaps that result in engaging, thought-provoking content that drives traffic. builds authority, and ties back to broader business goals.


Content Processes
Most B2B SaaS teams work within varying levels of chaos. I help put systems, processes in place to streamline content operations, helping your team increase productivity without increasing headaches.


Content Automations
We live in the age of AI. And while I'm not all about having GenAI do all the writing for you, am I 1,000% down with automating manual processes, freeing up your team to do what they do best, high level strategy and creative output.


Technology Implementation
Nothing pains me more than seeing your team make daily updates in a spreadsheet. I help you onboard tools for project management, CMS, automated content brief generators and more to help organize and optimize your entire content operation.
Pricing and Packages
Affordable Rates
Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
Flexible Packages
Tailored to your content needs and budget.
Dedicated Support
Responsive communication and personalized service.
Measurable Results
Trackable performance and data-driven insights.
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